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A Short Halloween PSA


Hey the thing I reblogged earlier reminded me to mention this:

I can promise all my followers that I do not post or reblog jump scares, ever, because A) I don’t like them and they suck, and B) I know at least a few of my followers have anxiety in one form or another and I’m not going to be that jerk.

So yes. There will be no jump scares from this blog, just wanted to ease your minds preemptively.

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iambrianphan: Ran into Bae at peets coffee. She is so pretty.

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"[Hoechlin] talked about the scene with Scott and Derek in the loft, where Scott sees the gun on the bed. He said that he believes Scott does care for Derek. “That’s what that scene was about.” During one of the takes for that scene, one they ended up not using, Posey played the scene with Scott crying. He said Posey was very intense and emotional, he worked hard on the scene, and Tyler thought it was an important moment to show how Scott did care for Derek. But “they” (the director/writers/Jeff, ) didn’t like it so they didn’t use that take. Both Tylers were very disappointed they didn’t use it in the final cut."

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I feel personally victimized by this decision.

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Edmonton Expo 2014!

watch on mobile!

"We’re supposed to take care of e a c h  o t h e r."

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Ki Hong Lee talking about his character in Maze Runner [x]

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imagine stiles sleeping at scotts house because he has nightmares and junk, and whilst stiles is sleeping scotts awake, and he listens to stiles for a while, and just as he starts to fall asleep, he hears stiles getting all whiney and moany, and he murmurs scotts name, so scott uses his alpha vision and looks over to see stiles rubbing up on the bed having a dirty dream ab him uvu



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Oh my GOSH


4.11 | a promise to the dead

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happy birthday to meeeee thank you for your messages so far today, i will reply to everyone later i promise!!!!

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GOOD MORNING TUMBLR i have missed you i’ll be selling buttons at a con all weekend but yesterday i met derek and stiles (cosplayers) and since i was scott it was perfect basically.

i love how this morning my body was like HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERE IS YOUR PERIOD thanks body, you suck.



thinking a lot about punk pack and how all their styles would clash but come together, the different kinds of anarcho passions they’d have and how those differences would play out in pack dynamics

soft skatepunk scott who believes in the power of goodness and thinks the most punk thing in the world is a gentle heart and feeling strongly about things, whose found family is the reason he breathes, who spends a lot of time skating in abandoned pools to clear his head, who teaches himself new tricks and feels free on his board the way he feels free when he’s full shift running through the preserve

graffiti punk stiles who simultaneously uses paint to vandalize corporate offices and bring murals to hollowed out rundown buildings, condemning capitalism and fucked up society while bringing beauty to the unseen and raising up the community around him, loudmouth angry kid with a fiercely protective streak who gets thrown in jail for his friends more often than not

history professor sweater punk derek who thinks being punk means community collaboration and and tearing down the privileged education system to bring information on an equal playing field to everyone who wants it, who does a lot of work creating symbiotic relationships between living structures and people and buildings and earth, who’s interested in slow and gentle growth of everything around him, always moving forward in better, more giving ways

hard femme rockabilly punk lydia who knows her mind is a weapon, who paints on bright red lipstick and puts on stilettos and is smarter than any man in a room, who learns to use her powers to communicate with the dead and then tattoos their names in a stripe down her thigh as a reminder of what they give her and how she learns from them

combat femme punk kira who learns to channel her powers into clean energy solutions and teaches self-defense classes to young girls, who sometimes lets them touch the handle of her katana, whose leather jacket is covered in pink heart patches she sews on herself, who knows falling in love doesn’t make her less punk or less strong or less worthy

floral grunge punk malia who doesn’t give a shit about societal systems and doesn’t understand why gender is a binary and doesn’t understand why sex is a commodified thing and doesn’t understand why women have a separate set of standards, who spends her time doing wilderness survival and full shifting on long hikes, whose idea of punk and pack changes as she finds her own family with them

baby grunge punk liam who’s headstrong and gets into fistfights when people talk shit about his alpha and who thinks the most punk thing is learning to be okay with yourself and what you have to give to the world

dapper gaslight kiddo mason who wears creepers and rolls a pack of candy cigarettes in his sleeve and believes in honesty and loyalty and the power of a good album and a best friend

and killer queen punk braeden who never compromises her morals or her goals but who learns there are people to care about along the way, who refuses to be a side character in her own story, who teaches people to survive in ways they didn’t know they could

i just like the idea that they’re all so different but it would never be “who’s punk what’s the score,” they’d be so into seeing what it means to each other to have punk hearts and punk minds and what it means to fuck up the world in their own beautiful ways, because sometimes the world needs to be fucked up and maybe they’re the ones who need to do it