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Dylan O’Brien makes an appearance on the set of Univision’s Despierta America to promote The Maze Runner (August 28th)

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Draeden in 4x10 -  Monstrous



Holland Roden | HBO’s Official 2014 Emmy After Party on August 25, 2014


Tyler Posey spoils the return of his dad John Posey as werewolf mythology expert and doctor; Conrad Fenris


no but imagine melissa sitting scott down and being all “i need to say something” and she tells him how there’s someone she’s interested in and she really likes this guy and he likes her as well and they’ve been out on three or four dates together and it was wonderful, and even though she wouldn’t normally go for this kind of perosn, she’s found out that they really click and it’s just easy to talk to him and “i really, really like him, scott, and i want you to know”

and scott’s so happy for her and congratulates her because she’s his mother and she’s an amazing person and scott thinks that if anyone deserves to be happy, it’d be her

and then he asks if it’s someone she met at the hospital or somewhere else or if he knowns him 

and melissa clears her throat awkwardly and says, “it’s derek” 

and scott has to reeveluate his entire life because his mother and derek are dating. his mother is dating derek hale. the derek hale. the sorta sketchy but also sorta good dude 

(but at least he isn’t a complete douchebag, scott tells himself)

and he wants to warn his mother for him, because even though derek isn’t all that bad, it’s still dangerous because hello, werewolf. but then he realises that. her son is a werewolf. one of her friends is a werewolf hunter. the teenage guy she took care of and who lived in her house for a few months was a werewolf. his mother can probably handle her boyfriend (really? his mom’s boyfriend is derek?) being a werewolf 

and if that means that the next time he sees derek, it’s when melissa has invited him over for dinner and told both of them “no werewolf business”, then so be it

at least she’s happy (and it seems like the same can be said about derek) 

(later that evening, when scott has gone to stiles’ place to play videogames, melissa kisses derek happyily and tells him it went well, and derek wraps his arms around her waist and smiles)


Dylan O’brien with TMR Cast at The Apple Store in London (August, 20)


Hey all! Ticket sales are coming up today. In just a few hours, actually! Here’s an exact breakdown of the ticket packages, which you can find on the site here, and what will be included in each of them.

Alpha: ($300)

  • admittance to the convention weekend
  • a seat in the Alpha section of the ballroom, closest to the stage
  • autographs from the principal cast members in attendance (who will be named as their attendance is confirmed and announced)

Beta: ($175)

  • admittance to the convention weekend
  • a seat in the Beta section of the ballroom
  • autographs from select cast member (who will be named as their attendance is confirmed and announced)

Wolf Pack: ($100)

  • admittance to the convention weekend
  • a seat in the Wolf Pack section of the ballroom

You can click the link in this post at noon to be taken to the page on the website where the tickets will be! And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)


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When Rob Thomas collides

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Ive started working on this follow forever weeks ago and it’s finally finished!! woohoo lets pop some champagne or s/t i dunno. I just wanted to say how happy i am to have gotten the chance to become such good friends with so many of you because of this website and i love you all.

(Also this is a little shoutout to Ana (queenkaned) for being the best friend i could ask for and actually getting me to make this follow forever in the first place.)

Okay i wanna show some love to my fucking family, my kinda crazy, slightly uncomfortable, weirdly attracted to one another fucking levi-mcbutters family. Basically i love you all so so much. Alright now without further ado…






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"It was so fun. Just the constant company of one of these guys, or both of them. There was a lot of Xbox, a lot of dancing. It was so cool, it was literally just the beginning of everything." — Dylan O’Brien on living with Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin

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